Monday, December 04, 2006

Zod '08

Looks like Kryptonian bad guy General Zod is making a run for the White House in 2008, rather than just tearing the roof off and announcing himself ruler. Check out the very funny Zod 2008 website.

I have to admit having a special place for the Superman movies in my movie geek heart. Richard Donner's 1978 film "Superman" is still the standard by which all other comic book adaptations are judged. "Superman II," featuring his royal Zod-ness, was also a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to seeing the new Richard Donner cut of the movie, which was just released on DVD. Get the whole story behind the two versions on "Superman II" here. Off course, "Superman III" and "Superman IV: The Quest were Peace" were terrible. So was the spin-off "Supergirl," but that film has a lovable campiness, and a great Jerry Goldsmith music score. I also really enjoyed this year's "Superman Returns."

Anyway, start preparing yourselves to "Kneel before Zod" in '08.

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Reel Fanatic said...

Zod's campaign statement was the funniest thing I've read all week .. thanks for the link!