Monday, March 10, 2008

NWCEC - Seattle

This weekend I was in Seattle at the North West Christian Education Conference (NWCEC). It was One Way Street's first time at the conference. I stayed busy with 3 classes, plus running our booth by myself.

Now I've taught at many conferences in the past, and often I've received some sort of goodie bag from the hosts. A few candy bars, couple cans of soda, a mug...stuff like that. Well I can honestly say this is the first time I ever received at sockeye salmon as a gift.

About 3000 people gathered at Overlake Christian Church. That's the church waaaaaaay off in the distance in the above photo. Believe it or not, this picture was taken at about the halfway spot in the parking lot. The parking lot is so big they have shuttle stops.

I got to see a lot of familiar faces in the world of children's ministry like Jana Alayra and Steven James, plus some new ones like New Zealanders The Lads. Their music is aimed at tweens. I couldn't resist picking up all three of their CD's.

Our good friends from Speed Stacks were just two booths down, which means I could hear the distinctive "cluck cluck cluck" of cups being stacked throughout the weekend. If I remember correctly, the young man in the red is the current world record holder for the cycle.

One of the best things about attending conferences is getting to meet new people. Most of the folks at this conference were from the Northwest, but there was a whole group that came over from Seoul, South Korea. This is me with Yi, Ki Doong, the leader of the group from N Friends. He said he hopes to have some puppet training in Korea some day. Perhaps we can get his group to come over to I-Fest sometime as well!

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