Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Return of the Rockafire Explosion

This video is just too fun to pass up. When I was a kid, the cool place to go was Showbiz Pizza. Mediocre pizza, skeeball, video games, and an animatronic animal band...who could ask for more? Well apparently there's a guy out there in the land of the internet who has a collection of the animatronic figures from Showbiz, and he's taken it upon himself to re-program them to perform some more recent tunes. So here's the Rock-afire Explosion performing the remake of the Genesis classic "Land of Confusion" by Disturbed. Since I have fond memories of Showbiz, love cover songs (BTW check out the Coverville podcast), and am a huge Genesis fan...this was just plain cool.

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Anonymous said...

Squonk, I appreciate your posting this because I've literally been searching for this video since I found it originally on YouTube a year ago. I doubted extremely anyone would use the word 'animatronic' when describing this video, but it was the last thing I tried in Google and you got it. Even though the video was down, I was able to search for "Rock-Afire Explosion", which I didn't know the name of, and I located the video on a different website (http://www.programblue.com/list.php?list=2&id=4503) so thanks again for bringing back this great video to me!