Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Main Titles for The Simpsons

After 19 years "The Simpsons" has a new opening title sequence. The opening to the long-running show has only changed slightly since the show first debuted (I was just out of high school then). If memory serves me correctly, the titles were slightly different in the first season, but from the second season on they have pretty much remained the same. The titles even continued to feature Bart ridding his skateboard past Bleeding Gums Murphy, who died in the show's sixth season.

So, in honor of the show going to HD, the new title sequence has been introduced. It's pretty much a new version of the classic titles, but with some fun changes. I especially like the little homages to past episodes you can spot...the box of Mr. Sparkle that Marge is buying at the grocery store is my favorite. However, I do find it a bit depressing that the Simpsons now have a flat panel HDTV and I don't.

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