Monday, March 05, 2007

My Wife the Sports Fan

I don't follow sports much. I like sports, but it just doesn't take up much of my brain waves. Baseball is the only sport I really follow closely. With most games, whatever the sport, I could care less who wins and who looses. I grew up a Cub fan...I've learned not to get my hopes up. Now I'm in the Denver area, where they bleed orange and many an infant's first word is "Elway." I've often said that even if someone took a shot at the President on Sunday night, the top story in The Rocky Mountain News on Monday morning would still be how the Broncos did. I've had to become a little more knowledgeable on sports just to acclimate properly...but I'm still pretty much a dope on the subject.

My wife says that I first caught her eye when she spotted me walking across the college campus carrying my laundry on Super Bowl Sunday. Hey, there was no line that way! She follows sports even less than I do...until now. For the last several years my wife has become somewhat of a fanatic for one particular sporting event around this time of year...the Iditarod. It started a few years back because our pastor mentioned that his brother was a professional dog musher. I thought I got weird reactions when I told people that I was a puppeteer...but that one I couldn't imagine. I thought that sounded really interesting, but I have to admit to being a bit more intrigued that the professional dog mushing brother of my pastor, Kevin Lee, was named Bruce (Bruce Lee, Kung Fu Musher). So, my wife started following our pastor's brother in the Iditarod. He's not involved in the race anymore, but she still follows the event. So for the next week or so, many of my wife's conversations with me with be sports talk. Every year she chooses a musher and follows his progress on the internet. At least she doesn't want to go watch the thing live...not yet anyway.

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