Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cartoon a Day: The Bulleteers

The Bulleteers

Directed by Dave Fleischer

Well, yesterday I missed doing a cartoon, so I'm doing two today...two Superman shorts.

"The Bulleteers" is another one of the gems in the short-lived Fleischer Superman series. Metropolis is being terrorized by three crooks in a "bullet car." This thing can drive, fly and blow up buildings without even being dented itself. So, it's up to Superman to stop them.

Right off the bat you notice the great stylized look to Metropolis in the opening sequence. Not to mention the fact that the first sequence where the bullet car plows into police headquarters is startling.

The editing has a quick pace, rapid cuts between various shots with extreme angles. The story is goofy, I mean it involves bullet men, but I didn't think about that while watching.

This short builds...the action mixed with the extreme designs and angles is a perfect mix. There's a lot of imagination behind this short.

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