Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cartoon A Day: A Corny Concerto

A Corny Concerto
Directed by Bob Clampett (as Robert Clampett)
Available on: Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 2

"A Corny Concerto" can be summed up like this: Bob Clampett does "Fantasia." That's worth the price of admission right there. Who better of Warner's directors to take a jab at Walt Disney's epic.

Elmer Fudd introduces two segments set to classical music. The first segment is a Bugs Bunny / Elmer Fudd story, only Elmer is played by Porky Pig. The segment moves at a dizzying pace. Whereas "Fantasia" could be considered graceful, this is manic and it makes for a great parody.

The backgrounds have a unique color scheme, as well, which pokes more fun at Disney's masterpiece. There's also a wide range of crazy reactions and poses, which Clampett is famous for.

The second segment almost defies description. It begins looking as if it could've come right out of "Fantasia," with it's graceful swans swimming about. But you know that won't last long. It think this series of shots from one reaction illustrate the turn this segment takes better than I could describe it.

Just look at the extremes on that last shot! It's amazing to look at single frames of quick movements on a Clampett cartoon.

Though this is a wild "Fantasia" parody, it's done with great affection for the original. I think both films rank as masterpieces.

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