Monday, March 09, 2009

Cartoon a Day: Wise Quacks

Wise Quacks
Directed by Bob Clampett (as Robert Clampett)
Available on: Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 5

Once again I've missed several days of cartoons. My travel schedule makes it hard to keep up. Let's get going again with a Bob Clampett short featuring Porky and Daffy, "Wise Quacks."

In this one Daffy is about to be a father. Who knew he even had a wife? Anyway, his old buddy Porky comes to visit the new family. While waiting for the blessed event, Daffy calms himself with some "Corn Juice." By the time the four ducklings are born he's hammered, which is probably why this one isn't on TV much. Soon, a passing eagle decides to try and snatch up one of the youngsters and Daffy must fly while intoxicated to rescue the little guy.

This is another example of how cartoons in the 30's weren't being made for kids, but the fact that drunkenness is the main plot device of this short makes it seem to be a bit over the top. Clampett, of course, is known for going over the top...but usually in the animation department. Here the animation isn't as crazy as in some of Clampett's films, but Daffy's drunken expressions do show some of his style.

Porky doesn't really contribute much to the story, it would've been just as well off without him. It's certainly an enjoyable and well animated film, but Daffy Drunk can't help but make you cringe a bit.

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