Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I-Fest 07 Update

I-Fest 2007 is well under way. I didn't get to post yesterday, but I've actually run across some free time here today. Will wonders ever cease? Above you see the picture of the 2007 Puppetry Dream Team. Today was the official photo day for the team.
Maegan Bruce was our featured ventriloquist performer last night. Each evening performance at I-Fest features a puppet team and a ventriloquist. Usually the puppet teams are mostly teens, the vents are usually adults. So it was really a treat to see a ventriloquism performance by a teenager who is extremely talented and committed to ministry. Maegan did a great job!

The featured puppet team last night was The Outrageous Puppeteerian Crew from Oswego, IL. They also did a great job!

Now this photo needs some explaining. This is Al Laird, he and his wife direct a puppet team in Orange City, IA. Their team presented a skit to introduce the festival theme, "Eager to Serve," during orientation on Monday. One of the puppets in that skit held up a sign saying "Todd Liebenow beats Chuck Norris," playing off the whole Chuck Norris Facts trend. Todd is Squonk, if you didn't know that already. The gag continued yesterday as their whole team sported T-shirts saying the same thing. Now just in case Chuck Norris should read this, don't come looking for me. I don't think I would last long against Mr. Norris. But then again, can he do two rod manipulation. Hmmm. Me thinks not

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