Monday, July 09, 2007

I-Fest 2007

Well, I-Fest 2007 is under way! I'm going to try and update the blog during the festival, but I make no promises. I don't exactly have a lot of free time during this thing...but I'll do my best. Above you see ventriloquist Doug Nearpass who performed as Noah to start things off tonight.

Below you see one of our One Way Street staff, Ryan Spittler. He's one of our puppet builders, and an uber a picture of him with a puppet appears on the cover of this year's I-Fest handbook. In the presentation by Jesus Rocks puppet team of Riverside, CA, the turtle puppet you see said that she had a crush on the "coverboy." Mari, the turtle, was performed by Lindsey Barnes who is another amazing puppeteer.

Look below and you can also see a photo of one of our international guests. Royston is from Sri Lanka and joins us at I-Fest for the second year!


Amanda said...

Hey Todd! I didn't know you had a blog! My mom forwarded it to me b/c Lindsey is my cousin! Can't wait to look around.

Amanda Hunnicutt White

Jason said...

Well, there isn't much here...good, I don't feel so bad. It's good to see another familiar face in the world of blogging.

Jason Hunnicutt