Friday, July 20, 2007

Save the Spindle

Berwyn, IL is where I was born and where my Grandma lived for most of my life. When I was in high school a bizarre sculpture called Spindle was erected at a shopping center in Berwyn. I can remember my Grandmother taking me to see it. The sculpture is pretty much just 8 old cars impaled on a nail. Many people may remember seeing it appear during the "Bohemian Rhapsody" sequence at the beginning of the movie "Wayne's World."

Now it seems that the Spindle is in danger of being torn down. The shopping center is being remodelled and a Walgreens threatens to take over the space where the Spindle sits. So, I had to go for one last visit while in the Chicago area for I-Fest.

Some people love this thing, others hate it. Personally, I think it's a shame if it comes down. It's one of those "only in America" type of things...any Chicagoland native would also say, "only in Berwyn!"

I say "Save the Spindle!"

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Tannerman said...

My wife and I spent some time at the Spindle during our Route 66 trip last summer. It's a unique structure, but is definitely not maintained. Looks pretty bad.

If the mall ownership and/or the city actually cared for the thing, I can see keeping it around. But I don't exactly think that Berwyn is the typo of place that cares.