Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Are You DB Cooper?

The FBI has just released some information in hopes of solving the 36 year old case of the mysterious DB Cooper.

On November 24, 1971 Dan Cooper boarded a flight from Portland to Seattle. Somewhere along the way he commandeered the flight, claiming he had dynamite. After landing in Seattle he demanded $200,000 and four parachutes, which he got. He then ordered the pilots to fly him to Mexico. Somewhere near the Oregon border he jumped with the dough and two of the parachutes (one of which was a trainer which was sewn shut). No one has heard from DB Cooper since. The FBI thinks it very likely that he didn't survive, though some of the money was found by a young boy in 1980. Many people have claimed to be Cooper since then, but most of them have been proven to be fakes. Just for the record, I am not DB Cooper. Not only was I nowhere near Portland, OR on Nov 24, 1971 but I was also in diapers.

These are the kind of events in history that have always intrigued me. The ones that nobody knows the answer to. It probably seems a bit silly, but a part of me hopes that in Heaven God will have a workshop series we can attend to learn the answers to some of these questions..."The Magic Bullet...Not So Magic," "Stonehenge and the birth of Dominoes," and, of course, "Who was DB Cooper?"

Here's the DB Cooper story from the FBI web site.

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