Sunday, August 24, 2008

The DNC comes to Denver

I flew back to Denver from our Puppet Ministry Summerfest in San Antonio this morning (I'll try to post some stuff about the festival later). I was anticipating that DIA might be a zoo today, what with the Democratic National Convention starting in town early this week. Even on Thursday when I headed out there were volunteers all over the airport with signs that said "Ask me for help." The TSA people even had shiny new blue uniforms on. Today there was a lot more people there representing the convention, and I even encountered two celebrities.

As I got onto the train to go from Concourse B to the baggage claim area I noticed someone who looked familiar getting onto the next car over. Turns out it was none other than the "reverend" Al Sharpton. I snapped the above picture from my part of the train. He had a full entourage, as you can see. He spotted me taking the picture and smiled and waved. I agree without almost nothing the man says, but I smiled and waved back.

He posed for photos with a bunch of orange-shirted convention helpers. There were plenty of news photographers all over the main terminal.

As I came up the escalator from the train I saw many people looking for convention travelers. Most of them held "Obama 08" signs, which for the life of me I can't figure out how that would assist in finding the people they are looking for. Right in the center someone held a large sign that said "Fox News Channel." It caught my eye, and then I saw someone walk up to that was Alan Colmes from "Hannity and Colmes." Now if it had been his partner, Mr. Hannity I probably would've run up, shook his hand and said "you're a great American." I settled for just snapping a pic of Mr. Colmes.

This was probably the only brushes with celebrity I'll have during this whole convention thing. I am just so glad I don't work downtown!!!

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