Sunday, November 02, 2008

Cartoon a Day: A-Haunting we will Go

A-Haunting we will Go
Directed by Robert McKimson
Available on: Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 4

To close out Halloween week we have "A-Haunting we will Go," an odd film from the final years of the Warner Brothers shorts. Budgets had been cut by this point, and it shows in this short, but the story is just plain weird. It's Halloween and Daffy's niece or nephew (it is isn't clear which, it talks like a he but wears what appears to be a dress!?!?) is out trick or treating. After being scared away from Witch Hazel's house, the youngster drags uncle Daffy out to see the witch.

Meanwhile, Hazel decided she needs a vacation but has to have someone to fill in for her while gone. So she decided to change a mouse that lives in the wall, Speedy Gonzales, to look like her. While Speedy is filling in, he messes with some potions which cause Daffy some trouble. Got all that?

There are just so many "huh?" moments in this short. Speedy Gonzales seems to have been just thrown into the short because he was popular, there's no other reason to include him. And could someone please tell me why Daffy Duck is wearing Elmer Fudd's hunter's cap during this short?

The animation is good but not as detailed as in earlier Looney Tunes offerings. It's also disappointing that more originality isn't shown here. When Speedy changes Daffy into a strange creature, it's a design used in the great Chuck Jones short "Duck Amuck." Why not create something new? Despite the disappointing aspects of this short, it's still interesting to look at as an example of a late Warner Brothers short.

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