Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cartoon a Day: The Mummy Strikes

The Mummy Strikes
Directed by Izzy Sparber (as I. Sparber)
Available on: The Complete Superman Cartoon Collection

The Superman series of cartoons are fun to watch, but "The Mummy Strikes" is not one of the stronger entries in the series. In this short, a scientist is found dead at the foot of a mummy. His assistant finds him and ends up being convicted of his murder. Clark Kent then follows a tip to try and clear the girl's name. Too curious for her own good, Lois Lane follows him.

What ends up following is a long drawn out sequence as another scientist explains an ancient curse to Kent. Eventually, a bunch of mummies are released, which go after Lois and the scientist. Superman then shows up and, in a very brief fight, dispenses with the baddies.

The animation is still the great style the Superman shorts are known for, but the story just doesn't work. Too much silly plot exposition and not enough action.

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