Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Olympics - Snowboard Cross

The next round of our Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics continued tonight with our chosen sport matching up with what was on TV...Snowboard Cross.

In this event, the players shake the Wii-mote to begin and then turn it move their snowboarder around the curves. On the jumps, you need to move the Wii-mote up and then try to do tricks while in the air. This gives and extra speed burst when landing.

Once again we each raced twice. This time around the gold went to...Luigi with a time of 1:11.740. Mom's Mii grabbed the silver with a time of 1:16.444. Shadow got the Bronze with a score of 1:17.062.

So far on the medal count...Shadow (Timothy) has one of each. Daisy (Samantha) has three bronze medals. Mom's Mii (Mom) has two silvers. And Luigi (Dad) has two Golds.

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