Friday, October 13, 2006

Rare Muppet Skits Available on DVD

It's just been announced that the complete first season of Saturday Night Live wil be available on an eight disc DVD set on December 5th. Here's the story over at DVDActive. The episodes will be presented in their complete form. This is of note to puppeteers like myself because one of the regular segments from the first season of the show were skits involving a group of strange Muppet characters, created by Jim Henson for SNL. The skits are rarely seen today, and they were definitely more adult in their themes. However, the puppets were a design that was kind half way between the Muppets of Henson's previous work (The Muppet Show had not debuted yet at this point) and the creatures he would create later for films like The Dark Crystal. It'll be interesting to check these DVD's out.

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