Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What is Squonk?

I've often been asked, "What is Squonk and why do you use that name on the Internet?" Well, waaaaaaay back in college, my first ever e-mail login was Squonk. So I've always used it, but what is it?

Squonks are creatures of legend, kind of like Big Foot, or the Chupacabra. It's a rodent-like creature which is very ugly. The squonk recognizes this fact and cries continuously because of it. The creatures are sought after by hunters because they are very hard to capture. When cornered, the squonk supposedly dissolves completely into a puddle of tears.

Now I know what you're thinking, "this guy must have a pretty low self image." Just hang on.

I first came across the word as the title of a song by the band Genesis. It is from their 1976 album called "A Trick of the Tail." The song is about these strange little creatures. So, since I was a fan of the band, a fan of the song, and just thought the word sounded cool..."Squonk" became my favorite name to use online.

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Peter said...

I notice that a number of people use a squonk identity - me included. I refer to my virtual self as Ozquonk (transl. squonk australis 'squonk of the south') I'm a 46 y o male living in the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia.

What made you gravitate to the squonk as an identity? I'm tempted to contact all of the virtual squonks with the same question. For me, the tears was clearly the drawcard, though I notice you distance yourself from this.
The legendary squonk is immersed in eternal sadness. I am not, but sadness is never far away.

Any thoughts, Squonkorado?