Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cartoon a Day: Ali Baba Bunny

Ali Baba Bunny
Directed by Chuck Jones
Available on: Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 5

"Ali Baba Bunny" is another great cartoon in the series of Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck pair-ups directed by Chuck Jones. In this one, Bugs and Daffy end up in an Arabian Nights style cave full of riches rather than Pismo Beach (should've made a left turn at Albuquerque). Daffy is immediately obsessed with the treasure while Bugs could care less. The two must also contend with the dim witted guard, Hassan. There are plenty of laughs, most of which are courtesy of Daffy. In a way, Bugs plays the straight man in this one.

Right off the bat, one of the stand out elements of "Ali Baba Bunny" are the incredible backgrounds by Maurice Noble. I mean, check out the palm trees shown above! The backgrounds are a thrill to look at, but they don't draw your attention away from the humor of the cartoon either.

Of course, some of the classic sort of character expressions you'd expect to see in a late 50's Chuck Jones film are on display here. Over the years Bugs Bunny has come across in many different ways, I think the style of Bugs presented in this film is my favorite. He appears somewhat suave in this and other Jones films. I love how his eyes never seem to open too widely. It's quite a contrast to the way Daffy is portrayed.

The character design of Hassam is also a lot of fun. He's a sort of gelatinous blob on two skinny legs. I also love how his body and his head are all one piece...there's absolutely no neck to speak of.

Even though I've seen this one many times, and know what gags are coming, it continues to make me laugh out loud...the mark of a great animated short.

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