Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cartoon a Day: The Beach Nut

The Beach Nut
Directed by Shamus Culhane (as James Culhane)
Available on: Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection

This Woody Woodpecker short is mildly amusing, but not as laugh out loud funny as a Looney Tunes short. There is some great animation here, but not necessarily the stand-out gags.

Woody is an unusual character. At times he seems to be a clever troublemaker like Bugs Bunny, yet at other times he seems to be completely oblivious to what he's doing. Both versions seem to be present in this cartoon.

Wally Walrus makes his debut in this cartoon and he does make a good nemesis for Woody. Though there's a lot of anger in the character, you actually feel a bit sorry for the guy.

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