Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Movie Commercials to be allowed during Oscar Broadcast

I'm not a football fan, I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. Now, the Academy Awards, that I take a great deal of interest in. But here's the thing, for ages the academy has not allowed any commercials for movies to air during the Oscar telecast. A stupid move in my opinion. All these years where they've been complaining that movie ticket sales keep going down, and on the night where you have the biggest world-wide audience of movie fans all watching the same thing on TV you don't show any movie commercials!?! Well, finally the ban has been lifted, though with some restrictions...such as no ads for prequels or sequels of any movie up for an award. So don't expect to see an ad for "Harold and Kumar Save Christmas" during this year's show.

Check out more about how the academy suddenly grew a brain here.

Note: I made up that movie title but if some Hollywood genius pitches that to a studio, I do expect a check.

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